36 years on the road. 15 years in advertising.

Working in Africa DDB as a Creative Director since 2022.

Former art director in Gut, CP+B, JWT, DM9DDB, Taterka and Heads.
Studied in ESPM.

Young Lions Competitor in 2016.
13 Cannes Lions
I’m proud to have some works that have been recognized with some awards such as:
Silver (Direct)
Silver (Brand Experience)
Bronze (Social Development Goals)
Bronze (Social Influencer)
+7 Shortlists
D&AD 2024
Wood Pencil (Impact / Initiative)
EL OJO 2023
Prata (Directo)
Prata (Sustentable)
Bronze (Via Pública)
Bronze (Eventos y patrocinios)
Bronze (PR)
Bronze (Contenido)
Bronze (Directo)
Bronze (Experiencia de Marca)
Bronze (Digital & Social)
Bronze (Digital & Social)
Bronze (Salud & Pharma)
Bronze (Design)
Bronze (Design)
Bronze (OOH)
Bronze (Activation)
Bronze (Social Midia)
Bronze (Health)
Bronze (Design)
Bronze (Brand Experience)
Bronze (Outdoor)
Bronze (Brand Experience)
D&AD 2023
Shortlist (Media)
One Show 2023
Shortlist (Branded Entertainment)
Shortlist (Experiential & Immersive)
Shortlist (Gaming)
Shortlist (Streaming and Influencer)
Bronze Star (Branded Content)
Bronze Star (Innovative Use of Technology)
Effie 2022
Silver (E-Commerce)
Gold Star (Digital / Games)
Gold Star (Digital / Best Use of Influencers)
Silver Star (Radio)
Silver Star (Film/Best Use of Audio)
Silver Star (Digital / Best Use of Influencers)
Silver Star (Best Use of Data)
Silver Star (Film)
Bronze Star (Direct)
Bronze Star (Branded Content)
Merit (PR)
Merit (Radio)
Merit (Film)
Merit (Film / Acting Direction)
+23 Shortlists
Cannes 2020/2021
Silver Lion Film (Market Disruption)
Bronze Lion Film (Media / Entertainment)
Bronze Lion Entertainment Lions for Sport (Branded Content for Sport)
Shortlist in Film Craft (Script)
Shortlist in Film (Challenger Brand)
Shortlist in Film (Corporate Purpose&Social Responsibility)
Shortlist in Film (Online&Viral Film)

D&AD 2021
Graphite Pencil (Entertainment / Scripted Long Form) 
Wood Pencil (Film / Tactical)
Wood Pencil (Film / Social Commercials Over 30 Seconds)
Wood Pencil (Direct / Film)
Shortlist (PR / Reactive Response)

Clio Sports 2020
Gold Winner in Film
Gold Winner in Direct
Silver Winner in Social Media (Video)
Silver Winner in Film Craft (Direction) 

El Ojo IberoAmerica 2020
Gold (Film)
Gold (Social Film)
Gold (PR)
Gold (Social Responsibility Campaign)
Gold (El Tercer Ojo - Best Ibero America Campaign)
Silver (Design)
Silver (Writing for Advertising - Use of Copy)
Silver (Institutional Campaign)
Bronze (Film Craft - Screenwriting)
Bronze (Viral Film)
Bronze (Integrated Campaign)
Bronze (PR - Use of Influencers)
Bronze (Brand Experience) 

Cannes Lions 2019
Bronze Lion (Industry Craft)

CCSP 2018
Gold Star (Integrated)
Silver Star (Design)
Bronze Star (Promo/Direct)
Bronze Star (Out Of Home)
Merit (Illustration)
Merit (Promo/Direct)

CCSP 2017
Merit (Film Photography)

Profissionais do Ano 2016
Winner (Film)

CCSP 2016
Bronze Star (Filme)
Merit (Branded Content)
Merit (Direct)

Luerzers Archive 2014
Cover (Print)

Art Directors Club 2014
Merit (Print)

CCSP 2014
Bronze (Print)
Merit (Out of Home)
Merit (Direct)

Cannes Lions 2013
Shortlist (Print)
Shortlist (Outdoor)

Tel.: 55 (11) 98626-2000
E-mail: pedrohenriquegaldi@gmail.com
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