Tony Hawk’s soundtrack is one of the main features of the game. So, when the game remaster was announced, fans took the internet by storm. Not Tony’s fans, but Charlie Brown Jr’s fans. They went to great lengths to ask for the band to be included in the game. They asked so hard that we listened to them and created the first campaign everto include a song in a game. To celebrate that victory,we created an official video for the song that didn’t exist until now. We used more than 170 hours of never-before-seen footage of the band’s lead singer, Chorão, recorded by the videographer who chronicled his last years, and mixed itall with unreleased shots of the game.
Pedro Galdi - Art Director
Pedro Rosas - Copywriter
Marcos Medeiros - Illustrator
Marcelo Rizério - Creative Director
Luiz paccillo - creative director
André Kassu and Marcos Medeiros - CCO

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