There was a lot of work, a lot of calls, a lot of discussion about classical art and image rights. It’s a movie, it’s an app, it’s a virtual gallery, and yes, it’s a METAVERSE. Yep, Gut created its first metaverse. No, we still don’t understand 100% what a metaverse is. The Stolen Art Gallery is a virtual gallery that brings back to life stolen masterpieces, that almost no one has had the chance to see in person. There’s Van Gogh, Caravaggio and other art masters waiting to be appreciated. download the app and use your avatars to dive into this experience, that’s only beginning.
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Pedro Galdi - Associate Creative Director, Art Director and Illustrator
Thiago Andrade - Associate Creative Director and Art Director
Giulio Beloto - Associate Creative Director And Copywriter
Rainor Marinho - Creative Director
Murilo Santos - Creative Director
Bruno Brux - Executive Creative Director
Murilo Melo - Executive Creative Director
Luis Carvalho - Illustrator

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